Not just UNO way to Play

When was the first time you played UNO?

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

I remember the first time opening a pack of UNO cards, I was probably 6 years old.
My cousins and I would play for hours and the more we played it, the more fun we had. If I had to go searching through the games that I've kept, I think I still have my original pack.

UNO has been a part of Mattel since 1992 and although there has been many different themes and versions of the game, we still prefer the way we grew up playing it, the original way.

Even though there is an official rules sleeve in each pack that's sold, every family has their own set of rules that they like to play with and there has ALWAYS been a debate on whether you can stack power cards, or even end the game with a power card. When Mattel recently released 13 new creative ways of playing UNO, we were thrilled to find out that one of the ways to play included stacking the power cards.
So I guess that means that we can continue as we were...

Now there are 3 customisable wild cards in the pack which allow you to be as wild as you like: You can use them to speed up the game, add a bit more strategy, or force someone to do something silly!

We tried it out by making the next player draw a card until they drew a card of a certain colour. This means that if a blue 7 is the last card and the next player does not have a 7, nor a blue, they would usually pick up a card and if they don't get a 7 or a blue card, they've already played their turn by picking up. But this way, they have to continue picking up a card from the deck, until it matches the same colour - blue!!

There are more ways in which you can use your customisable wild cards, but I will let you choose on what you decide to do with it and how you decide to play the game. For the other ways in which you can play with your UNO cards, check out: Discover 13 Creative New Ways to Play UNO

Even though it says 7+ on the instructions of the UNO card game, our son is now 6 years old and for the past year, he has been playing UNO non-stop... and we're not exaggerating when we say non-stop!

We cannot leave the home without the pack of cards in our hand or in his backpack, and at any given time in the day (or night) he asks us to play UNO with him.

He loves UNO so much that he recently found a 360 degree protractor... and called it a 'Skip-a-Turn'.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

With lockdown (and even the easing of lockdown by going "hiking") this is one family game that two or more can enjoy everyday, and it will always be as if it were the first time you were playing it.

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