RAWR! The New Jurassic World Sound Strike™ Primal Attack Edmontosaurus is Dino-Mite

Let's travel back to the Cretaceous Period with the New Jurassic World Sound Strike™ Primal Attack Edmontosaurus

Jurassic World Sound Strike™ Primal Attack Edmontosaurus
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


If you have been following the Jurassic World film franchise, then you will be thrilled with the latest action figures from the science-fiction adventure series about the largest reptiles to have ever roamed the earth more than 160 million years ago.

In 1993 when Jurassic Park (the first of the Jurassic World movies was released) anyone who saw it (including me) were both excited and scared at the same time after watching it because of the life-like features of the dinosaurs in the film.

Mattel has an art of designing and manufacturing some of the most amazing toys and games that are currently in the market.

It comes as no surprise that when Mattel was awarded the highly coveted Jurassic World license in 2016 to design, produce, and bring to market a wide variety of toys, games, and other consumer products in line with the Jurassic World franchise, they once again out-did themselves.

The new Jurassic World Sound Strike™ Primal Attack has Mattel's signature quality and excellence all of it.

One of the dinosaurs featured in this collection is the Edmontosaurus.

The Edmontosaurus is a medium-sized Sound Strike™ dinosaur action figure which has the brand new "Primal Attack" feature.

By moving the tail on the dinosaur from side to side you can create a strike action, or you can move the tail from side to side/up and down for a huge CHOMP! If you do both simultaneously it looks even more realistic.

Any of the movements also activate realistic dinosaur sounds for that ultimate Jurassic World experience!

The action figure is not only fun to play with - even more so, if you have more than one - but it's very educational too.

If you have a child, like my 6 year old, who loves to learn, then you find yourself reading up about the Edmontosaurus to find out that they could run up to 45km/h, were herbivores, and could move around on two or four legs. 

The Jurassic World Sound Strike™ Primal Attack Edmontosaurus currently retails for R399 and is available nationwide.


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