The Fairest Pantomime in All the Land

This year as luck would have it, my schedule didn't coincide with the available dates for the stagger through/ run through for this year's pantomime.
So I walked in to the Nelson Mandela Theatre at the Joburg Theatre to watch Janice Honeyman's Snow White with my family, not knowing what to expect from this year's production.

Snow White at the Joburg Theatre
Image Taken by Ziyaad Plaatjes


To be quite honest, while viewing the sparkly curtain with the words "Snow White, Once Upon A Time" beautifully written in pink on it, and patiently waiting for the show to begin, I actually thought to myself,
"I wonder what Janice Honeyman and Bernard Jay have in store for us this year ? I wonder what will be different...." 

My thoughts soon took a knock as I was doubled over with laughter at the quick wit of tongue-in-cheek humour by each cast member, which seemed to be amplified this year, and blown away by the quality of acting and choreography amid the impeccable stage which displayed true quality in detail.

Kiruna-Lind Devar, with her beautiful voice, charmed us as she displayed the fetching qualities that we assume Snow White to be and her villain, Queen Hildegonda Hurl-A-Lot played by Ben Voss, excelled as he managed to command the stage with his all-encompassing presence.

Dame Dolla Dludlu i'Diddledaddledoodle played by Desmond Dube had us in stitches throughout the show, and no wonder as this is his 6th Janice Honeyman pantomime!

Each and every actor/ actress portrayed an outstanding performance and I will go on forever if I had to name each one and the excellent qualities that they presented.

It was a phenomenal show and I urge each one to go and see it before it ends on the 23rd of December 2018!

Snow White with the Seven Dwarves
Image Supplied by Enroc Pics


Janice Honeyman's 31st Pantomime production in Johannesburg, Snow White, has surpassed all other productions with the choice of exceptional actors, their amazing voices and unmistakable wit, the on-point choreography, the delightful costumes, outstanding stage decor, the joyous and wonderful tale of the fairest in the land and most importantly, with the element of surprise so perfectly executed on a theatre stage, it left many (if not, all) of us in complete and utter awe.

Regular Pantomime-goer ? 
This one will knock your socks off!
Go and witness the beautiful Kiruna Lind-Devar, the absolutely funny Desmond Dube, the wickedly evil Ben Voss, the adorable 7 Dwarves and John Robbie's debut pantomime performance as well as be enchanted and surprised by the "Deepest, Darkest, Murky Middle of the Wild and Wicked Wood.

New to theatre ? 
Snow White is a beautiful tale perfectly produced by Janice Honeyman and Bernard Jay and definitely the perfect one to start your pantomime adventure with! 
Be sure to check out my guideline to watching a pantomime.

Still not convinced?

Have a look at one of the audience reviews in this video and more on our YouTube channel:


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