Theatre Review: Calling Me Home

Home is not just a place, home is where the heart is.

This statement, often said, holds true in the musical Calling Me Home; with families torn apart, places of residence being unfit to live as a human being and friendships growing in the most unlikely places and circumstances.

When situations become unbearable, Grace and Lindiwe (each in her own situation) were forced to move out of their homes. They found comfort in a friendship with one another as they both sought greener pastures.

As they move into a metropolis quite far away from home, we see another story of trials unfolding centered around Rafael and Isabella, orphaned siblings who are each other's support but also differ in their approach to their life choices.

Themes of fear, unrequited love and violence are beautifully surpassed by themes of hope, courage, woman empowerment, self-empowerment, sisterhood and most importantly, love. 

This is evident in one of the character's (Nelson's) soliloquy which proved to be thought provoking - "Be the man who can love,"

"love is calling you home."

Without revealing too much of the storyline, the All South African original musical Calling Me Home, unfolds a beautiful story of characters finding their comfort zone in a somewhat uncomfortable space. It shows a story of love, hope and of course, home.

Calling Me Home includes a cast of 33 talented South Africans played on a set that has been meticulously created and highlighted by the amazing light design. The choreography was a delight to watch as it interpreted the mood of each scene and created a wonderful synergy with regards to the music in the production.

Careful consideration has been inserted in terms of their wardrobe as each character portrays an outfit that befits them, for example, Grace's wardrobe conveys one of poise and holds true to her name.

The leading cast in Calling Me Home displayed almost angelic voices which was hair-raising and absolutely phenomenal - be prepared to go home singing the catchy tune: Tomorrow!


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