Tintswalo at Waterfall: Jazzing it up on Sunday Afternoons

Set in a tranquil equestrian estate just outside Johannesburg, Tintswalo at Waterfall is the perfect romantic Sunday afternoon getaway or family adventure - as we experienced today.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

With the clean cut polo fields as the backdrop and the soothing sounds of the talented duo singing Sting's Fragile - all we needed was finger foods to nibble on and enjoy our surrounds. 

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Well, we were in for a treat, as that is exactly what happens at 'Tapas and Jazz' Sunday Afternoons at Tintswalo at Waterfall.

The boutique hotel which offers guests 16 spacious suites, has a magnificent dining area that opens out to a quaint pond surrounded by a lush green garden.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

The dining area plays host to a 'Tapas and Jazz' event, on the first Sunday of every month.

When one thinks of Tapas, small finger foods come to mind but the chefs at Tintswalo at Waterfall put a whole new twist on their Tapas platters.

For starters, the crunchy roasted asparagus was paired with Emmental cheese and wrapped in a little blanket of chicken which melted in your mouth. On the opposite side of the platter was a perfectly battered tempura prawn, topped with a dash of spicy smoked paprika aioli to give a little kick to the platter. In the middle of the Tintswalo carved wooden board was a colorful edible garden consisting of soft pomegranate seeds, black berries, some greens, a slice of radish and a slice of apricot. The micro green salad was placed neatly over the matcha powder which decorated the freshly prepared starter platter.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

Our tastebuds were wet and we couldn't wait to try the main platter of Tapas while we sipped on our red grapetisers and non-alcoholic gin and tonic.

The main platter was the perfect combination of colours, food types and definitely was a multi-cultural platter.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes 

The coconut and lime grilled chicken strips and yoghurt, and the marinated lamb with diced peach and tzatziki were the meat dishes which had a Mediterranean feel to it. Both dishes had juicey textures and were seasoned to perfection.

The Asian - vegetarian corner was headlined with the well fluffed vegetable stuffed dumplings which we were fighting for as they were so delicious. Slices of plum and dollops of mashed sweet potato guarded the dumpling with a handful of noodles in the middle to complement the authenticity of the dish.

The in-season fruits that accompanied some of the dishes was an excellent touch and somehow brought out the flavour of each dish.

One of our favourite Mexican dishes is a Quesadilla (of course a dilla). The thin tortillas filled with sweet corn, coriander and mozzarella was partnered with a sweet tomato chili relish that had us wanting more.

The Tapas on the main platter that I thoroughly enjoyed though, was a mini pot of potato gratin mixed with Parmesan cheese and chives, topped with a well poached quail egg. I love potato (in any form) and the fusion of the cheese and chives had me looking under the pot to see if there was more.

Dessert was the ideal finale to an exemplary meal. A mini square piece of the most divine cheesecake which had a tinge of avocado and an undertone of lemongrass, adorned with lemon pearls. The base crumbled in my mouth as the soft cake tickled my palate with a burst of fruity flavours. The most interesting part of the dessert you would think was the cheesecake, but the chefs outdid themselves yet again with a faintly melted white chocolate truffle lightly dipped in Macha powder. Macha on its own is quite potent but with the white chocolate, it gave a surprisingly good taste.

Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes

The menu might change slightly over the next few events, but judging by the platters we were served, I'm sure it will be a gastronomical adventure.

The next Tapas and Jazz at Tintswalo at Waterfall will be held on the 4th March 2018 at a cost of R695 per couple.

To reserve your seat call 011 234 2456

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