8 must-try, family-friendly experiences at Rocky Bay on the KZN South Coast

This is the year to get out and embark on new adventures with the family, and Rocky Bay on the KZN South Coast is the ideal one-stop destination.


From relaxing days on the beach through to hiking excursions in the coastal forests, Rocky Bay offers endless nature-based activities that are suited to all tastes.

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“Rocky Bay is an incredibly scenic destination, less than an hour’s drive from Durban, that provides families with the perfect seaside holiday,”


said Annien Koulountis, Resorts Manager at Rocky Bay Resorts.


“The KZN South Coast enjoys a subtropical climate which means that, even with winter approaching, holidaymakers can enjoy sunny beach days and great adventures in the outdoors. For those who’ve never been, there are several ‘must-try’ activities to tick off!”


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1.      Boat trips

The Mokarran Dive Charters have the only on-site dive centre at Rocky Bay situated within walking distance of the beach and launch site. Visitors can charter boats for a day of world-class snorkelling or scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal – a Marine Protected Area home to sharks, rays and many fish species.

2.      Biking and running trails

Explore the wonderful Rocky Bay Resorts Trails that weave through indigenous coastal forests. Mountain bikers, trail runners and hikers will enjoy a day of wildlife spotting and forest exploration in this unique part of the world.

3.      Swimming and snorkelling

Head down to the shore and enjoy a day of bathing or swimming in the beautiful Indian Ocean waters. Go snorkelling in the rock pools at Granny’s Pool low tide and discover the wonderful marine life residing there. In the cooler winter months, the KZN South Coast comes alive with the Sardine Run – a bucket list ocean experience where millions of sardines migrate northwards while being chased by hungry fish, birds, sharks and whales.

4.      Edutaining talks

The ocean is home to a variety of interesting wildlife with the KZN South Coast’s waters boasting a number of unique species and habitats. Marine biologist, Michelle Carpenter, gives an informative talk – sponsored by the Rufford Foundation - on the wonders of the ocean which is captivating for all ages. The next talk is scheduled for Friday, 29 April at 2pm in Rocky Bay Resort’s Games Room.

5.      Deep sea fishing

For those who enjoy a day out on the open ocean, casting a line and waiting to land a catch, then Rocky Bay is the place to visit. The KZN South Coast is a renowned fishing region with charter boats taking visitors out for some memorable deep sea fishing.

6.      Birding

From birding novices to die-hard twitchers, Rocky Bay is the perfect spot for a day of birding! The subtropical forest, with its many nature trails, is the ideal space to go in search of the region’s rare and popular feathered friends.

7.      Sunrise coffee

Feel invigorated and start the day right by taking a walk to the Rocky Bay Resorts lookout bench where visitors are encouraged to enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the sunrise.

8.      Shark cage diving

An absolute must-try for all visitors to Rocky Bay is shark cage diving! Get immersed in the world of blacktips, duskies, spinner and tiger sharks all from the safety of the stainless-steel cage. The dive operators are all extremely experienced with a great affinity for ocean conservation.

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Rocky Bay Resorts is the perfect spot to enjoy these – and more – seaside adventures! Rocky Bay Resorts has accommodation ranging from one-bedroom log cabins to a six-sleeper, three-bedroom log cabins and a Caravan Park with many sites offering sea views. In addition to the must-try experiences, the resort has jungle gyms and freshwater swimming pools to keep the youngsters engaged. There’s also the on-site Mokarran Dive Charters, Shark Cage Diving KZN, The Saddle Shack (bike shop) and Dock 360 (restaurant).

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