Hyde Park Corner celebrates Women’s Month

Hyde Park Corner is putting the focus on empowering women during Women’s Month with two great initiatives!



Made to Move

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“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

– The Bhagavad Gita


They say that your body is a temple, and if that maxim is followed then it makes sense to treat it with respect. And we’ve got just the thing to empower you do that this Women’s Month!

Take the time to rejuvenate body and mind with fitness sessions in a calm and tranquil environment before you start your day. In conjunction with Alchemy (Fashion and Footwear, Sport, Fitness and Lifestyle, Women's Fashion) Hyde Park Corner will be the place to stay fit with Sunrise Fitness Mornings every Wednesday throughout the month of August!

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Event Details:

Stretch and Sculpt Sessions: 3, 17 and 31 August

Yoga Sessions: 10 and 24 August

Location: Centre Court Times: 7am – 8am

Tickets: R100 per person (includes water bottle and sweat towel) Bookings: Via Webtickets

Please arrive 15 mins prior to the session starting. You may bring your own yoga mat, however, should you not have one, one will be provided to you.

Sunrise Fitness Sessions will be hosted by:

Taz Falconer (owner of Alchemy) who is also a female movement specialist.

Class type: Ballet-inspired Sculpt & Stretch class

What to expect: Full body sculpt & stretch tapping into your feminine

Class dates: 3, 17 & 31 August

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Paige Cassidy who is a Yoga & Meditation teacher

Class type: Yoga Flow

What to expect: A powerful yoga practice to move your mind & body

Class date: 10 August

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Tegan Burger who is a Yoga Teacher and teacher trainer

Class type: Yoga flow

What to expect: A flow to help you tune into your breath and body and relax your mind along the way.

Class Date: 24 August

Made to Give - Ending shame, empowering women

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According to the United Nations Population Fund, an estimated one in ten girls in sub-Saharan Africa is absent from school at some point during their period and research shows that up to seven million schoolgirls in South Africa cannot afford sanitary pads.

Period poverty is the reason many South African girls do not attend school while they are on their period, simply put they do not have sanitary products. The stigma attached to menstruating which stems from lack of knowledge, also leads to teasing in school when they attend while on their periods. The knock-on effect of this is an increased difficulty for women and girls to voice their concerns about their periods. Many lack access to period products out of fear of others ignoring or ridiculing them.

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Another devastating side-effect of period poverty is the lack of education due to girls missing school while menstruating, making it even more difficult for them to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

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Hyde Park Corner is committed to making a difference this Women’s Month. To help us help young women in schools based in Alexander, simply drop a pack of sanitary towels in the box located close to Clicks and Galleon Pharmacy.

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