Recruitment Companies - Where is the Help ?!

I have been told by almost everyone - Register with a Recruitment Company, find many Recruitment Agents, contact them; they are bound to get you a job... it is THEIR JOB !

Where are you, Recruitment Agents ? Where are you whom actually want to help us ?

I have a completed Degree and I have work experience in my Degree. My husband has a completed Degree, a completed Honours Degree and plenty of Work Experience and yet the both of us have struggled to find something... with THE Help of Recruitment Agents!

After several, no millions, of applications; I have been called for a few interviews and thereafter, they seem to fall off the face of the planet!

Some such Recruitment companies that I have had interviews with ONLY in this past year, but have not gotten back to me are; Premier Personnel, Nu Trend Placements for Estee Lauder Companies, Corporate Careers and IM People (IMPS).

It is One thing when they do not respond once you’ve just sent your C.V. but after you have been for an interview or series of interviews and they do not get back to you... Well that should not be good ethics!

Literally, I would not hear a word from any of them after the interview, yet it is their job to help.... or is it?

Are Recruitment Agents actually willing to assist us anymore or have they fallen prey to the "do your job and get paid at the end of the month" bit ?

My husband sends out millions of applications and does not receive any response and one such response that he received from a Recruiter shocked us; she said "I'm sorry but I cannot help you."

All the Responses for applications sent out end up looking like this:

I regret to advise that your application for the above position is unsuccessful.
We had about 180 responses for this position - thank you for your interest and we wish you well in securing your dream job!"
"After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful. Please continue to visit our career website for future opportunities"
"Unfortunately you were not selected for an interview "

How can someone with Qualifications and Experience not be able to get something ? How can people in recruiting companies disappear ? How can recruitment agencies be around if their sole purpose is not to help others with employment ?

- Posted from my previous blog: on 13 May 2013

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