Thankfulness requires great effort

 It’s easy to feel sad and it’s easy to get upset.


I feel sad right now thinking about how I (and we) have constantly been trying and trying … with everything… throughout our lifetime. What upsets me more, is the people who constantly undervalue us, the ones who just don't "get it", the ones who don't acknowledge the fact that they've hurt us, those who don't apologise, the ones who do not respect boundaries, and how harmful people can actually be.

Then we have to deal with these ideologies as well: 

“It’s just a post” … it’s not.

“It’s just a photo/ video” … it’s not.

“It’s just an article on a website” or the word I do not identify with, “it’s just a blog” … it’s not. 


I’m not going to delve into any of this in greater detail right now.

Constantly trying to explain is exhausting.

Amongst many things, it keeps us revisiting the feelings that our efforts are not valued - more importantly, our efforts to attain a simple means of providing for ourselves as well as assisting others (in many ways), given our circumstances and the experiences that we’ve been dealt with, is not appreciated.


We could easily complain, expect and/ or stand on the side of the street with a placard saying “BCom Honours Graduate who single handedly tried to get a global company to evaluate the way they exploit graduates through their Graduate Program, but was wrongfully arrested when he made it known to the public, then unfairly dismissed and promised that he would never get a job ever;

13 years later still does not have a job, please give me money and/ or a salaried job so my family and I don’t have to be homeless…”


The trauma that came through with this, added to existing ordeals is enough to make a person become hopeless. I admit that throughout my lifetime I’ve succumbed to the big black hole and climbing out of it is not made any easier with human beings.

Again, I could draw attention to every single one of them and the way they have caused distress, but what I have learnt (through another way that I would love to share with you – when I feel courageous enough) is that doing this gives them “energy” and “power”.  

You’ve heard the phrase “lives rent-free in my head” … well that’s exactly what we do. We let them accommodate our brains leaving hardly any space for the people/ things whom/that actually matter the most to us. The hard truth is, they don’t give you a second thought, they don’t give a second thought to whatever they’ve done to you, said to you, or how they made you feel… they’ve moved on already. But their wrongdoing on you, caused you harm (in many ways) and with you constantly thinking about it, festers in your brain and eats its way into your being, slowly ridding you of the person that you are, or once were.

Trying to come back out of that requires awareness and consistency. It’s easier to dwell, I know, but it’s better to give energy to those who help you and to those who love you and who give their time to you. Apparently, this shifts our entire being and possibly our universe, around (for the better).

BUT this is a gradual act. 

We have to constantly check our thoughts and remind ourselves to focus on the people whom we love and to those who show us love, people who give us their time and to those who are kind, situations that benefit us and experiences that make us feel like we would want it repeated. 


By focusing and using our energy on the good and those who do good to us (instead of those a-holes :D ) we rid ourselves of crap (quite frankly) and reciprocate a kindness that needs to be shown, which radiates and multiplies -  now how cool is that? ... another story, another lesson.


 So I want to take this moment on this lovely day that we mortals deem Thankful Thursday, and also the last day before we begin a new and exciting trip around the sun...


To "reward" those people who have shown an ounce of kindness, pleasantness, love, time, generosity (to me, my family, and to our business) - in a way that may seem small, but shows my eternal gratitude towards you. (Also, my good memory will allow myself to always remember you and your act, so I end up saying a prayer for you every day... :) )


I want to say a heartfelt Thank You, 

May you be blessed every single day of your lifetime...

And both in this world, and in the Hereafter.

Thank you to each and every soul who has helped me, and those who have helped US in every way possible.

I want to Thank especially 

Those who did business with us.

You have recognised the value of our time, our efforts, our work, amongst other things (that fail to come to me right now).

Despite budget constraints, you did this. You helped a little family provide a roof over their heads every month, using their skills and education in a legitimate manner and without having to beg… and for that may the Almighty grant you Blessings in abundance.

Thank you to those who constantly bless us with goods (personally, in business and gifts). Everything that you have given is a HUGE Blessing in our eyes.

Thank you to those who constantly share our posts and articles from our website and those who always give us credit for our work, and even credit us when we’ve inspired them to do/ write/ buy/ share/ something.

Mentioning us may seem like a small act, but it means the world to us and for that I hope that you are rewarded.

Thank you to those who read our articles on our website and make the Information Highway their literary choice... it's a good choice. :) 

Thank you to those who engage and interact with us on a daily basis.

Those who constantly like each and every post - just by you “liking” an article or a post makes a big difference, and we notice that and appreciate it.

Those who are not “shy” to put their “stamp” on our articles and posts,

Thank you.

Thank you to those who refer people to us for business – thank you for considering us and referring us - may you be rewarded for that.

Thank you to those who believed in us and to those who sponsored prizes for us to give away and especially for our First SMME Awards – may you be abundantly rewarded for this.

Thank you to those who recognise the amount of work that we’ve put in over the years.

Thank you to those who recognise our talents and those who recognise our services.

Thank you to those who don’t expect anything for free :) You are our people as we have the same values!  We believe that everyone should benefit mutually. Thank you for recognising that our Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising business is a means for us to provide basic essentials and for us to make a difference (as mentioned: given our circumstances and the experiences that we’ve been dealt with)

Thank you for not expecting a "just a post" to be shared/ promoted even if you are part of a non-profit organisation - you're realising that Our business is not a non-profit, government funded organisation and we have to work hard to earn a living.

Thank you to those who entered our First SMME Competition and took their time to provide the information required, and for acknowledging how important good marketing and advertising is.

Thank you to the wonderful souls who provided the prayers for the opening and closing of our First SMME Awards Ceremony.

Thank you to the judges who took their time to go through each and every entrant for our First SMME Awards.

(I'm so very thankful for them).

I’m so thankful for the gifts that we were able to provide them through other generous souls – may they be abundantly rewarded.

Thank you to all those who have interviewed us, and have allowed us to share our story as well as our insights on their platforms and channels.

Thank you to those who have allowed us to interview them. 

Thank you to those who have included us in their projects, campaigns, and published or shared our content.

Thank you to those who pay for our services in full and on time.

Thank you to those who realize that they need to also share articles and posts from their side, whether it’s a paid-for or non paid-for content, article or post that we have done for them.

Thank you to each and every person who took the time and allowed us to video them showing their love for ZA. 


They say that "no one supports you like a stranger" and "those who you know might find it hard to support you..."

we've seen the evidence in these statements unfortunately (especially the latter) ... but by focusing on those (negative) ones, we will not be able to show love and attention to those who do support us and try their best to help us in their way, and fortunately, we have some of those. 

Again, we take notice of EVERYTHING...

So yes, we see each and every person who views our stories - you are not incognito to us O.o ...  

We also recognise those who have an hidden agenda, but in honour of this expression of my gratitude, we would rather pay attention and give thanks to those who interact and engage with all or most posts and/or articles which do not necessarily warrant them from “being seen”...

On that note, I would also like to get a little more personal and say Thank You 


 Just because we don’t constantly show all our struggles, all our achievements, all our charity, all the bullying and “meanness” that we receive from others, does not mean that we do not do either or experience either of these.


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