Bump Ahead

It's official! Today 23 November 2013, Nabihah and I found out that we are pregnant. Not that we doubted Dr Claire De Groep (Nabihah's GP) on 18 November 2013, but we just wanted to be 100% sure by going to a specialist like Dr Indra Ramsamy.

For the past few weeks, Nabihah has been complaining about being nauseas and has had funny stomach pains. We finally went to the doctor on Monday at the Medicross Clinic in Carlswald Decor Centre. Nabihah has been going to Claire for over a year now and we are quite comfortable with her. It's been hard for Nabihah to find a good doctor since she is up here in Johannesburg, but I'm glad she has finally found one now.

As I was saying (I get a bit sidetracked), we went to see Claire on Monday. Nabihah explained the symptoms and to our surprise Claire suggested a pregnancy test. A few weeks ago Nabihah tried a home test but those are not very accurate and the result was clearly wrong (negative). Reluctantly Nabihah did the test again and we waited for the results. Claire called us into the office and told us the wonderful news, Nabihah was pregnant!!!

I was calm on the outside but was bursting with joy on the inside. We had been talking for years about starting a family and now in our fourth year of marriage it was finally becoming a reality, Alhamdulillah!

I had to be calm as Nabihah was in shock - she couldn't believe it, she immediately wanted to see the results to make sure. She looked at it and still couldn't believe it. Claire had to tell her about three times and I also had to confirm that she was in fact, pregnant. I can only imagine what was going through her head at that moment. If I was so overjoyed, imagine her excitement. It was a whole new chapter in her life and probably the best one yet.

I wanted to scream it out to the world, but of course it's still too early for that.

Anyway back to today. We found Dr Indra Ramsamy at Linkwood Hospital. Nabihah had recently gone for a procedure to the hospital and was impressed by the bedside manner of the staff so we had decided that when the time came, she would give birth there, In Shaa Allah. Fortunately, we could get a last minute appointment for today with Dr Ramsamy and so we took it.

It was amazing to see so many couples coming for their checkups some just husband and wife, some with a child and some with a soon to be grandparent. It was just the two of us but that's all we needed to find out if there was going to be an addition to our little family. I guess we were nervous and excited at the same time because we didn't know what to expect but also couldn't wait to see the little peanut.

And literally, it is a little peanut. We did the ultrasound and although we couldn't see much we could hear the faint heartbeat, Alhamdulillah. It was incredible to see and know that something so small was going to be a living person in just 9 months In Shaa Allah. Well actually less than that as Nabihah is already 2 months pregnant Alhamdulillah.

And so the adventure begins....

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