Daddy watches what?!

The adjustment to fatherhood is something to get used to. Besides a little one that needs all your attention, there's little things that you have to be careful of not doing.

I don't use a lot of bad language (only when I'm super angry) but I listen to a lot of it. Being a hip hop fan, the music is only made up of strong language and it's very difficult these days to find an artist who doesn't swear at all in any of their songs, let alone have an explicit music video. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head is Deen Squad, a Canadian Muslim duo who take popular music and make it Halaal (if that's possible).

Raising a child means trying to protect them from harmful things such as the exposure to strong language. For the past two years, I have to be very careful about listening to Drake or Eminem or any other rap artist around my son. I either have to listen to it in the car when I am alone or listen to it on my iPod when he is sleeping. I say when he is sleeping because he knows how to use it and listens to whatever I am listening to, and he is not even two yet. The music videos though, are out of the question, so no Trace, Channel O or MTV Base.

So now if it's not some pop songs like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, we now and again get to listen to Noddy and his friends. Thankfully though my son doesn't like any of the children's songs including Barney so we hardly have to listen to it.

Movies and TV shows also have to be censored now and TV shows like New Girl, which my wife and I used to watch all the time, is only watched now when our son is sleeping.

I'm so glad that while my wife was pregnant there were some nights that I couldn't sleep - yes I did have sympathy pregnancy with the sleepless nights and cravings. These sleepless nights saw me watching every guy movie, from Transformers, to the Fast and Furious collection, to the Marvel and DC comics, which I haven't been able to watch in the last two years, unless (yes you guessed it) our son is sleeping. I should have realised then that we were going to have a boy.

Sounds easy enough that whenever our son is sleeping we can do whatever we want, listen, or watch what we want - the only problem is, he hardly sleeps!!

If you love action movies and/or hip hop music and have a child that hardly sleeps be prepared to either sneak to watch and listen to them or just give it up altogether.

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