Barbie Named 2020 Top Global Toy Property of the Year* and unveils new 2021 line of Fashionista Dolls

Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) announced that its iconic Barbie® brand has been named the 2020 top global toy property of the year by the NPD Group, a leading global information company.

Barbie Fashionista 2021 Lineup
Image Supplied by Mattel


Additionally, Barbie is continuing its journey to represent global diversity and inclusivity in the fashion doll aisle with a new Fashionista lineup, including Ken in a wheelchair, Ken with rooted hair reflecting an afro and Barbie with lighter skin with vitiligo – all for the first time. The brand is also rolling out new product packaging that includes a reusable bag for kids to carry their dolls and improve portable play.

The Barbie Fashionistas line is where the brand delivers the most diversity and inclusion and, since its inception, Barbie has introduced more than 175+ looks, offering girls a variety of skin tones, eye colors, hair colors and textures, body types and fashions to choose from.

Barbie Fashionistas 2021 - NEW in the line...

Ken with a wheelchair

  • Following the outpouring of fan love for Barbie with a wheelchair, we are introducing Ken in with a wheelchair for the first time ever.
  • Additionally, we are expanding our assortment of Barbie with a wheelchair with two refreshed looks that come with accessories such as a fanny pack and sunglasses or earrings as well as a ramp that is compatible with the Barbie Dreamhouse. 
    • Of the top ten Fashionista best sellers in 2020, the doll with a wheelchair was the 2nd most popular doll for the year in the world.
  • Ken with rooted hair
    • Last year, Ken was offered for the first time with long, rooted hair, and this year, we’re continuing the style with a Black Ken Fashionista doll with rooted hair. 
    • Of the top Ken Fashionista best sellers in 2020, the Ken with long, rooted hair was the 2nd most popular in the world.
  • Barbie with vitiligo 
    • Last year, we introduced a doll with vitiligo in our main doll line to allow kids to play out even more stories they see in the world around them. 
    • The vitiligo doll was one of the top five Fashionista best sellers in the US in 2020. 
      • Globally, it was in the top 10.
    • This year, we have expanded the offering to include a doll with vitiligo on Caucasian skin tone as we continue to redefine what it means to “look like Barbie.”

“As Barbie accelerates to new heights as the #1 global toy property* and holds as the #1 fashion doll property**, the message is clear that Barbie brand is more relevant than ever. As the most diverse fashion doll line on the market, we take great responsibility in better reflecting the world around us and know there are many positive benefits to exposing children to dolls with different skin tones, hair types, abilities and more. We are proud to offer an even wider range of diverse choices with the latest Barbie Fashionistas line so more kids see themselves reflected in our doll line.”


- Lisa McKnight, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Barbie and Dolls, Mattel

*Source: The NPD Group/ Retail Tracking Service, U.S. Dollar Sales, January-December 2020

*Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service/G12/JAN-DEC 2020/Fashion Doll Class/Projected USD

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