Deodorant Roll-On vs Traditional Spray

I remember the days of only using a deodorant spray, to the speed-stick, and now I only use a deodorant roll-on.

Each has its own purpose I guess, but I just prefer the roll-on. For some reason I feel it's applied straight to my skin, not sprayed into the air with the hope that it might reach my skin. In one of my previous posts, “Skin Care for Men” you would have noticed that Nivea is my chosen brand when coming to skin care products, so I will be discussing the Roll-On and Deodorant Spray namely the Nivea Cool Kick and Nivea Fresh Musk.

To choose between the Cool Kick and Fresh Musk are just about your personal taste and obviously what smells better on you. The Cool Kick is more of a fresh sporty scent, and is often good to use after a good game of your favourite sport like cricket or soccer or just after a good workout at the gym. The Fresh Musk is more of a sophisticated businessman scent, so usually used for business meetings or an everyday scent at the office.

The spray bottles today are a lot different to what I remember them with the cap on top, which was actually annoying when you would lose the cap and the spray used to either leak or evaporate or the cap just used to get damaged/cracked with the constant opening and closing. I think this was one of the reasons I stopped using the sprays. Now the Nivea bottles have a rotatable nozzle head that can be turned to open or close. This helps a lot not only to alleviate the problems that we used to face with the cap but also if a toddler gets hold of the spray it has a semi-safety mechanism with this locking system.

Roll-on deodorants some might argue that it is more concentrated and causes irritation or wet underarms, but those theories go out the window with the Nivea range. In all the years that I have used the Nivea roll-ons I have never experienced excessive oil or irritation. In fact I feel the roll-on knows just the right amount that needs to be applied to my underarms to keep them smelling fresh as well as looking great as if there has been nothing applied.

Both the roll-on and the spray both guarantee 48 hours of protection and although I haven’t gone two days without having a shower, I have experienced extremely long days, and I can testify that I did not need to reapply a roll-on or spray in that time but still felt and smelt fresh.

Whatever your choice, roll-on or traditional spray, try the Nivea Cool Kick and Fresh Musk products. The Men's Range, along with the other Nivea products are vailable to purchase from our online store.

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