Draw in the Air, See it on Screen: Pictionary Air™


Pick your hand up if you've ever doodled in the air!

Pictionary Air™
Photo Credits Ziyaad Plaatjes


There comes a time in everyone's life when they take their; finger, marker, or laser pointer, and draw in the air - hoping that their audience will understand the message that they are trying to convey. Most of the time the message is lost, because nobody can really see what is written and everyone ends up guessing what the message should be...

Kind of like charades, or the 1985 charades-inspired guessing game Pictionary.

In a nutshell, Pictionary allowed players to illustrate a picture that represented a word or phrase on the card which they drew from the deck.

Teammates of the illustrator would guess what was drawn in order to move to the next square on the board.

If a player landed on an "all play" square on the board, one player from each team attempted to illustrate the same concept simultaneously, with the two teams trying to guess first.

The first player to have landed and guessed correctly at the finish, wins the game. 

Now the popular family drawing game, Pictionary, has some amazing technological upgrades.

Pictionary Air™ allows players to use their smartphones camera via the Pictionary Air™ app to view what the illustrator is drawing in the air with the Pictionary Air™ pen.

The rules of the game are similar to the original Pictionary, as each player takes turns in drawing clues, only this time it's in the air. 

The set includes a Pictionary Air™ pen, 112 double-sided clue cards and card box and one AA Alkaline battery for the pen. 

By downloading the free Pictionary Air™ app (which is available on Google Play or Apple App Store) teammates can view the images drawn in the air on their smart device (Laptop, Tablet or TV).

The app also lets you record your illustration performance, which you can save, share or play-back, and is hilarious when you see what you actually draw, as opposed to what you thought you were drawing.

As the game is now "digital" the number of rounds, and the timer can be adjusted for beginners or if you have a six year old (like me), you might need that extra time.

There's also a cool Selfie Mode which allows you to draw without any time limit or rounds.

The aim of the game is to be the team who scores the most points, and just to air-njoy this fun family game.

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