Measles Outbreak in South Africa

Currently there is a message circulating on Social Media about an outbreak of measles (copied as received below). The message is outdated, as the incident occurred in February this year. However, that is not to say that we should not take the proper precautions for our children and ourselves to prevent this from occurring again.

Read the following article from detailing how to protect our kids from measles 

Social Media message as received:

Hey guys they announced today at our hospital that there is a new measels out if ur child runs a fever, throws up, or has water pimples take ur child in immediately its coming from Stelenboch 4children went to sleep an never woke up all children and parents should go for immunisation immediate guys plz be careful wen going out take caution try not to go out in windy conditions may the almighty be with us all plz forward to all mothers an fathers lets make everyone aware thank u

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