Paper Please

My son loves to write and draw but with a little twist.

I love it when he asks for "Paper, Please" especially the way he says it. I also love it that he asks for it now, instead of just taking any sheet of paper and just writing on it like he used to.

Why do I say that he loves to write and draw but with a little twist? Well, he only likes to use paper that has something written or typed on it already. Either he likes to use something that has value to me, or he just doesn't want to waste a plain piece of paper. I'm going with the latter, not because he is our son, but because he is OUR son.

At first I always thought that he wanted to write and draw on my papers that had important stuff on it. But how was he to know that it was important to me. I blame myself because if it were that important (according to him) it should have been filed away or kept somewhere that was not in plain sight of him, or where he couldn't reach. 

So I came to the conclusion that he doesn't want to waste paper, and rightfully so. We don't like to waste anything and save where we can on everything; and one of the things is that if we need to write down a list or a note (that's not important) we usually write it at the back of a pre-used sheet of paper.

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