Skin Care for Men

There are many brands out there for skin care and each brand has their unique way of marketing and getting you to purchase their products.

I am very particular in the products that I consume, and even more so when it involves application to my body. I’m not easily swayed by fancy adverts or smooth talking promoters or salespeople. I need to either test a product before hand or do plenty of research before I make a decision. I must say however, over the years due to financial constraints and the increase in prices in most quality products, I’ve had to put my pride in my pocket and use products that I don’t usually or wouldn’t ordinarily purchase. This experience actually helped me in writing this blog and to reinforce my opinion that the following brand is the best in the men’s skin care range.

Nivea was first introduced to me more than a decade ago, when I was looking for a decent exfoliating scrub and moisturiser as I was tired of using lotions that actually made my skin drier after using them and the generic ‘unisex’ exfoliating scrubs. The first time I used the Nivea Rehydrating Moisturiser for Men it did exactly what the name said. I could actually feel my skin being rehydrated and moisturised at the same time. It’s very difficult to explain the feeling and sensations, so to experience it for yourself you would have to try the product.

The exfoliating scrub made me feel like a man who actually looks after his skin, with a deep cleanse of my harsh skin, I could sense that it was working unlike previous cleansers that I have used. Armed with an exfoliating scrub and rehydrating moisturiser, it was now time to test the shaving cream. Not that I shave often (because my hair doesn’t grow that quickly), but when I do, the shave is seamless and effortless with the Nivea Shaving Cream. The application of this product before shaving, gives a clean finish while making your skin soft and smooth.

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