Snap. Post. Like. - Not in my house!

People are so quick to take a photo these days, post it on social media, just to get that recognition from others called the 'LIKE'.

With all the child-trafficking, child-pornography and child-related crimes linked to social media, it's very difficult to share pictures of your family these days without the worry that those pictures might end up on the wrong hands or used for the wrong things.

A few weeks ago Dr Eve spoke on Expresso Show and gave some tips on posting pictures of your family.

1. Have privacy settings on your Facebook or Instagram accounts

2. Don't post pics of your teen daughter in a bikini or clothing that could be a bit revealing, or naked photos of your baby or toddler.

3. Ask your children's permission before posting pictures of them.

There were others, but what stood out for me was asking your child's permission before posting pictures of them.

While some might find it absurd as they will argue that it is Their children and they can do whatever they want, at the same time, the child has a right to say what pictures of themselves get posted.

Whether it's to see if they look good in a photo before it goes out, or just to make them aware that a post is being posted of them, it is Common Courtesy to ASK.

But what happens if Someone Else posts pictures of Your child or your child is too small to make a decision on their own whether they want pictures to be posted of them or not?

Certain protocols Should be put in place by the parent's of these children. Family members or friends should Respect what the parents have decided because at the end of the day, it's Their children.

What could be some of the measures put in place by parents or rather the requests that parents have when it comes to posting pictures of their children:

1. Family or friends, or anyone really, taking pictures of the child/ren should Ask the Parent's Permission to take a picture.

2. If there is a good understanding or relationship between the photographer and the parent's, permission might not be needed to take the photos, but the photographs should be Forwarded to the parents so that they also have copies of their own child's photographs.

3. Permission should be asked to post any pictures on social media, whether the person posting has privacy settings on their account or not - it is Someone Else's child that they are posting of.

4. If again, permission is not needed because of the type of relationship, Both parents (if both are on the social media platform) should be tagged in the picture of their child so once again, they have a copy of their child's photograph.

There are currently no hard and fast rules on this and each family / parents have their own opinions on the matter. Some parents don't post nor allow anyone to post pictures of their children. Others don't mind at all who posts pictures of their children and some would enforce the above points.

How do you feel about others posting pictures of your children?

1. Do they need permission from you or your spouse?
2. Do you care if they post pictures of your child?
3. Do you not allow any pictures of your child to be posted including from yourself?

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