Sorry Better

My son is at the age now where he picks up on a lot of things that we say and do. Any parent with a toddler will know exactly what I'm talking about.

With all the storms that have been happening in Johannesburg recently, my son immediately hears the thunder and says "it's raining", but it doesn't end there. We are used to the electrical storms now, being in Gauteng for close on 10 years, and we always make sure to switch off our electronics and take out any plugs from the sockets before a storm starts. It might seem a bit much that we do all this but when they coined the saying "lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice", they were not talking about Johannesburg.

A few years back, our DSTV dish was struck in an electrical storm and it blew the decoder. Fortunately, we had insurance on it, and were able to replace it. The second time, we thought we didn't need the insurance as lightning had already struck. Boy were we wrong!

Anyway I'm drifting off subject. Why I brought up the electrical storms is because everytime we tell my son that he must switch off his electronics because it's lightning, he replies, "McQueen". Those who have watched the Disney animated movie, Cars, will know the character Lightning McQueen, which you can clearly see is our son's favourite.

My son loves to show affection and kisses his mother every chance that he gets. Yes, being a male and a father you shouldn't really want your son to kiss you, but when they are so small and so cute, you can't help but want to. So any time he kisses my wife, I ask "and me?!" Now what he does, once he has kiss my wife he turns to me and says, "and me", and kisses me too!

The latest of his phrases is "sorry better." When he does something wrong we reprimand him and tell him that he must say sorry for what he has done wrong. Now it has reached a point where if he does something wrong, before we even reprimand him, he says "sorry better". It's so well rehearsed and NOT so-sorry it reminds me of this note.

You have to be very careful what you say and do around your children, especially this new generation, they process things faster than a i7 processor.

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