The Antrepreneurs

Once upon a time deep in the Bengal Forest lived two ants. These two ants were
not your ordinary little ants. They were “Antrepreneurs”.

The two ants were best friends and worked hard at their business’ everyday. They would go out and sell the food they had collected in the forest to the other forest animals.

The one ant, Anant was very likeable, honest and trustworthy. The other ant, Basant was only after one thing, and that was to own lots and lots of land in the forest, as most of the animals traded pieces of their land for food if they had nothing else to trade.

One day they both set out to do their business. It was agreed upon that they
would cover a certain section of the forest in that day. It was also agreed that
once the one ant had finished an area the other ant could trade in that area.
Basant was going through the forest screaming, “food for sale, cake for sale”. And the forest animals would come out to see what he was selling.

Business was very good for Basant and he would always charge the animals more so he could gain more land.

Basant reached a section of the forest that was not well looked after. The trees
were dying, the grass was brown and there was no vegetation for miles. There
next to a bent over tree, lay a poor helpless tiger.

This tiger was once also a very good business animal, and he owned all the land that Basant could now see. But this tiger was very old now and everything had withered and died around him.

He looked very sick and looked like he was in need of some food. He asked
Basant if he could please be so kind as to give him some food, but told Basant
that he unfortunately had nothing to offer in return. Basant replied that he could
not give the tiger any food for free, and he left the old tiger and carried on
through the forest.

Anant had finished trading in his allotted area and had now moved onto the area where Basant was trading. Anant also came across the lonely, sick old tiger and the tiger then tried his luck and asked Anant to please share his food with him.

The tiger also told Anant that he had nothing to offer him in return. Anant did not mind as he could see the tiger desperately needed some food. Anant fed the tiger, gave him some water, and made sure that the tiger was nice and full and rehydrated.

As Anant was about to leave, the tiger said, “I have something for
you.” Anant was very surprised, as the tiger had said he had nothing to offer.

The tiger slowly got up, and looked very majestic as he once looked when he was in his prime. The tiger told Anant that as far as he can see and more was all the land that he owned. He had no heirs and no friends to leave it to, and he was old and frail now. The tiger told Anant that he had helped him so much that day by just sharing his food with him, as he had not had any food for years.

Because of Anant’s act of kindness and not expecting anything in return, the tiger gave him all the land.

Anant lived happily on the land and eventually made it all luscious and green

Moral of the story: Give without expecting anything in return

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