The First Four KidsCon Little Experts are Here!

This year’s KidsCon is coming in fast and the excitement is about to launch: the team at KidsCon is super excited to announce the new recruits for the first phase of the 2020 KidsCon Board of Little Experts!

KidsCon 2019
Image Supplied by KidsCon

The first phase of entries to find the latest Little Experts has now closed. After kids around the country sent video reviews of their favourite toys, the adults at KidsCon spent an awesome day watching their amazing videos and hearing the real-life opinions of kids on what’s good in toys, entertainment, and fun. Choosing from these bright and clever kids was a really difficult task for the grown-ups of the KidsCon team.

KidsCon is an interactive four-day con where kids rule – full of superheroes, creative play, games, activities and FUN! Co-located with Comic Con Africa, it is the ultimate family day out for kids – not to mention the parents and guardians who found it difficult to tear themselves away last year from this celebration of all things kids.

KidsCon is for Kids, by Kids and so the key to the event is that it is curated by kids too. The team behind KidsCon are guided by the Little Experts on all things cool, and what is current and trending in the world of kids. KidsCon is a space where Kids Rule, so it all about kids speaking up about what’s happening in the world of kids – and it’s about encouraging these little ones to speak up, to know that their opinions matter, and to be confident and bold.

Seven-year-old Kai loves perfecting his aim with Nerf guns and he skateboards like a pro – he says ramps are his best part of skateboarding. He loves soccer, gaming and watching the latest YouTubers. Kai loves fast cars and anything with speed! If his feet could reach the pedals of a superbike, you’d probably see him joyriding the scenic roads of Cape Town. Xbox FIFA is his favourite video game.

Tyler is nine and an eco-warrior with big dreams who is going to change the world. He collects bottle tops and tags for Operation Smile and loves to know that he is making a difference to the world – when asked what superpower he’d choose he said “everything!”. Tyler is a little athlete, and swimming, cricket and athletics are his favourite sports. Unless of course there is F1 on the TV because Tyler is a top fan. He is also a big Xbox gamer with loads of favourite games.

Ella adores music and reading. She may be the only girl on the KidsCon board but that’s not going to affect her – she’s all about Girl Power and she’s the eldest board member at 10 years old. Says Ella “my favourite toy is a NERF gun” so watch out boys if you underestimate this girl! Ella also loves anything to do with art and she expresses her creative side with drawings and illustrated storybooks she has written herself.

Ella’s brother Benjamin aged seven, is also on the board. He loves playing LEGO and Nintendo Wii with his sister. Benjamin has a real sweet tooth – he says he’d be “making the world in sweets” if he could! He’s a real little Capetonian as he is often to be found at the beach catching the latest waves on his surfboard – or skateboarding when there are no waves around.

These kids can’t wait for you to learn more about their favourite toys, activities and personalities in the coming weeks – especially during lockdown when they want to help other kids keep busy. Keep an eye out for videos and activities that the KidsCon Little Experts will be sharing in the days ahead on the KidsCon YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, and newsletter. 

KidsCon is excited to welcome the first phase of Little Experts. The search for the second phase of Little Experts will open soon – maybe you know a kid who wants to enter too?

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