The Second Coming

When Nabihah was pregnant the first time, we didn't want to know the gender of the baby; we wanted to have a surprise. So we decided to choose a name for a girl and a name for a boy.

The name we chose for the boy is what we now call our son, Isa.

Everyone who ever comes in to contact with him or hears his name always refers to him as Baby Jesus, as Isa is the Arabic name for Jesus.

It's always a big joke amongst our family and we even said we should drive one day to Bethlehem (Free State, South Africa) to take Isa to see where he was born.


Then there are times when I feel, is it really a joke? These times are ones like today. Whenever we go to a masjid (mosque) or any other place where there are Muslims, for some reason, people are attracted to Isa, and I'm talking about old men. Mostly foreigners, but some local as well.

Yes, usually people are attracted to him and love his joyful nature, but these men are different. Why I say this, is that when they see him they can't take their eyes off him and they always want to kiss his hand as if he is a king. It's very strange to me because I've never experienced that when I was a child and have never seen any other children being treated that way. These men usually thank me for allowing them to be with him and then they are on their way.

Today though was even stranger after the gentleman had kissed Isa on his hand, he asked if he could take a selfie with him. I was at first hesitant, but he seemed like a harmless Turkish gentleman, so I allowed it.

Now I sit here worried if I've been treating my own son right, all this time?!

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