3 Simple Ways to Save Every Moment of ALL Your Child's Achievements

When your child is born, there is so much you want to tell them, and more as years go by. You know that they can't remember and sometimes you might not remember all the things you did with them or what they said and did as they were growing up.

But how do you save all these moments besides relying just on your memory?

1. Take Photos & Videos

Most people have smartphones these days or maybe a small camera, and it is easy to take photos and/or videos of any event that happens in one's life to save them for later.

2. Store Photos & Videos

There are various ways in which you can save your photos and/or videos, either on your phone, camera, computer, or storage device (Hard Disk Drives). There are apps that can store your photos like Google Photos or Picasa (which incidentally was bought over by Google), or you have the option of creating albums on Facebook or just posting some of your favourite pictures to Instagram. I personally prefer Google Photos because if you have lots of photos (like I do), and don't really want to share them to the public or you are afraid of losing them on your devices (where they are currently stored) then Google Photos is the answer. All your photos will be stored in the cloud so you can access it anywhere at anytime. You can choose what photos you want to backup, and you also have the option of an automatic update whenever you add new photos to any of your devices that are linked to your account.

3. Write an E-mail

Years before our son was born, my wife had this brilliant idea of setting up an e-mail account for him (well, any children that we might have). You might think it's weird for a new born child to have an e-mail address because they can't read nor type. But the account was not setup for him to use now, but rather for when he can read and type. What we do with the account is every so often we send him a mail about what has been happening in our life, what he has been doing, his achievements and sometimes include a picture or a video. One day when he is older, he will be able to access this and he can read all that has happened that he probably won't remember. If you want to try this but feel you don't have enough time - the e-mail doesn't have to be long and can even be just on birthdays or special occasions (if you want).

These are just a few tips that we use to save the moments of our child's achievements for later. I would love to hear from any parents on any of their other ideas to add to this list.

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