Thrive Box of Happy

My son likes to watch the Expresso Show in the morning, you know, to catch up with what is happening in the world and check if his parents' business are really covering everything in South Africa.

Today on the Expresso Show, they had an insert from the #ThriveBoxofHappy event that happened on the 4th November 2016 at The Zone @ Rosebank, Johannesburg. Immediately when the insert came on, my son was glued to the screen; the music was familiar, the images even more so, and the big box of Thrive kept his eyes on the screen.

The first time we tried Thrive a few months ago when the initial in-store promotions started, our son had a taste and loved it. We've been buying it for him ever since, and although the Vanilla is really good, he prefers the Strawberry (also available in Chocolate).

When we heard that Thrive had teamed up with Hamley's and were going to be giving away some happiness, we had to take our son to see it. The Thrive Box of Happy was a huge box of Thrive in the outside centre court at The Zone in Rosebank (next to Rosebank Mall), just in front of the newly opened Hamley's store. The event lasted the entire weekend with fun for the kids, toys from Hamley's, and of course nutritional treats from Thrive.

When we arrived early on Saturday morning no one was willing to press the big green button on this huge box of Thrive. Being the adventurous family that we are, we jumped up on the stage and pushed the green button, and happiness immediately came bursting through the speakers outside Hamley's, with life size toys dancing to the beats. We received a toy and sachets of Thrive as well, but the queue that came after us was phenomenal. Within seconds people started lining up to also give it a try and eventually there was a crowd of people gathered.


It was lots of fun and my son was more excited that he received his favourite cereal than anything else.

So today after the insert on the Expresso Show, he got up, went to the cupboard, took the sachet out and his bowl and said, "Dad, cereal please".

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