WhatsApp Groups

This morning I saw something very disturbing and it just confirmed my negative view on WhatsApp Groups.

Over the past few years WhatsApp has been the leading Instant Messaging smartphone App. Millions of users world wide prefer to use this application and thus resulted in the increased functionality for the App.

WhatsApp groups have become the norm and many businesses, families, work colleagues and club/societies have adopted the use of them to broadcast a message to multiple users that share the same interests. While I do not have a problem with this as it assists everyone to receive a message at the same time, almost like a block e-mail, I do however have a problem with the etiquette of these groups.

People like to send each other messages on a group that could be intended just for one person.

Ziyaad when are you doing this or Ziyaad why haven't you done this

Those type of messages could be easily sent to me privately, the rest of the group does not need to know why I did or didn't do something unless it affects the entire group.

Then there are people who will send a message on a group or a question and everyone on the group will just ignore it and carry on with their own discussion (which is usually never connected to the group or the intent purpose of the group).

You also get those people who don't read what has been previously sent on a group, and choose to post or rather repost the same EXACT post that someone has sent just a few posts before, AAARGH!!!

Then today, was the ultimate when I read a message on a group which I am not part of but I was shown by one of the participants.

A member of the group said that she has no job, has no family, and has no place to stay. She is currently sleeping on a floor of someone's garage. She pleaded to the group for assistance with either a job or a place to stay and she does not mind doing any house work in return for the accommodation.

Two people replied, to say that there was someone that assisted with homeless and destitute people but they not sure where they are located.

The next message after that was some forwarded message that was of no relevance to the current conversation.

That wasn't even the part that got my blood boiled. I scrolled up to see what else had been discussed on the group and a few messages up the members of the group were discussing that they need a domestic worker, and sharing each other's domestic workers' details. One member even said that she was looking for someone to stay in and that would be permanent.

None of these members replied to the cry of a woman seeking employment and a place to stay.

I know I don't have a huge following or many who read my post, but besides my message of good WhatsApp etiquette. I would like anyone that can to just share this post and maybe someone who reads this will be able to assist this woman with at least a place to stay.


There have been some individuals who are assisting this woman to get back on her feet.

Thank you to all that have shared this post.

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