Where's Daddy?!

The First Step

With all the dual roles that men and women have taken on in the work place and as well as at home, there are fewer distinct roles allocated specifically to men or specifically to women.

Although there has been a huge shift in who does what at home, and men are...

The Tale of the Golden Sneaker

Call me old-fashioned but when I was growing up we had toys - like actual toys - replicas of real things that we played with.

I'm not sure if all kids are like this nowadays but our son prefers the real thing over a toy any day.

Most kids have little laptops,...

Come and Play - Hamleys 100th Store Opening at Menlyn

Is that Princess Poppy and Branch from Trolls?

Wait! I see Darth Vader, Spiderman, Fireman Sam and even Iron Man. Am I in some sort of Disney Land? But I'm sureĀ I'm in the new Menlyn Shopping Centre. Then where is this?


3 Simple Ways to Save Every Moment of ALL Your Child's Achievements

When your child is born, there is so much you want to tell them, and more as years go by. You know that they can't remember and sometimes you might not remember all the things you did with them or what they said and did as they were growing up.


Paper Please

My son loves to write and draw but with a little twist.

I love it when he asks for "Paper, Please" especially the way he says it. I also love it that he asks for it now, instead of just taking any sheet of paper and just writing on it...