: The 411, is a proudly South African company which began in early 2015. Formerly known as Sjok & ShiziSjok, which is short for Sjokolade, is Afrikaans for “Chocolate” and Shizi is the Zulu translation of “Cheese”, therefore making it “Choc and Cheese” in a true Mzansi lingo. “Choc and Cheese” being a play on words on the popular idiom “Chalk and Cheese” illustrates the diverse range of unrelated products that we offer.

Sjok & Shizi started with the combination of two companies, one bringing the culinary part and the other the Bonsai and Landscaping. The Beauty products were added to the range of products and in early 2015 a new company was born, Sjok & Shizi. The business started off as a small part time business with appearances at the Norwood and Rosebank Sunday Markets. It was here that the concept of an online store that sold the widest selection of locally (South African) produced/manufactured goods came to mind.

An online store that sells products made in South Africa? Local is lekker my bru!

In early 2016, with almost a year of trading under the name of Sjok & Shizi, the owners decided to rebrand the business, changing the design and the name of the business. The new name they felt was much easier for the public to remember and still kept true to the love they have for South Africa and all that it has to offer.

If you have left our beautiful shores, enjoy all the things that reminds you of home. If you are not South African, come and share our culture and experience our talent - Enjoy the best that South Africa has to offer !