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Manufacturing Masks

Louise McAuliffe

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Last Updated: 30 July 2020

Location: Gauteng

About LaMaZing Maskz

LaMaZing Maskz is directed by Louise McAuliffe, and due to income completely coming to a halt due to Covid restrictions, LaMaZing Maskz came to be.

I reached back into my distant past and skills gained during my Fashion Design and Management Course back in the mid 1980's, and decided to dust off my sewing machines, and to start manufacturing masks.

Knowing that the market is saturated, we take particular care with each and every product manufactured.

When I say 'we' I am referring to the two young ladies that I have mentored and transferred skills to with regards to sewing.

Their craftsmanship is excellent and I cannot tell the difference between masks that I produce and their product.

Covid has given me the opportunity to create employment and transfer skills to two young students, Keiki Mogorosi 20 and Sarah Hahn 20, who found themselves at loose ends during the chaos of academic and financial uncertainties.

Apart from the education they are currently partaking in, they now have an additional skill that they can use at any time in the future in any aspect of their lives. We offer a range of adults, teens and kids sized masks that have even been exported to Australia and as far away as Cape Town and Bela Bela from our Johannesburg premises.

Our masks are available in over 60 different fabrics plus the stunning sparkles and sequin ranges that we have just added.

LaMaZing Maskz have been operating for 0.3 (one third) years and employs 2 (two) people.