Pampers Active Baby Nappies (58) Size 3 (4-9kg)

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Pampers Active Baby Nappies (58) Size 3 (4-9kg)

For lovable happy morning moments all your baby needs is lots of love and a diaper that keeps them dry all night long. Pampers active baby-dry are the driest diapers in south africa. And pampers lock in wetness for up to 12 hours.

- Absorbent micro pearls: Absorb up to 30 times their weight
- Stretchy sides: adapt to the baby shape and movements and provide a comfortable fit for reliable leakage protection
- Top dry-layer: is in constant contact with baby's skin, designed to pull liquid away and dry up as fast as possible
- Extra sleep-layer: quickly absorbs the wetnesss and spreads it evenly across the core
- Breathable outer cover: helps baby's skin breathe
- Vs. all other national brands