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Virtual Assistant Services

Rukeya Mall

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Last Updated: 02 June 2020

Location: Gauteng

About RME Virtual Assistant Services

RME Virtual Assistant Services is directed by Rukeya Mall, and was established in 2015 by Rukeya Mall, who has over a decade of experience and expertise and has used her skills and experience to provide a unique solution to businesses.

The Company is a 100% black, female owned business that provides virtual business services to entrepreneurs, coaches and small to medium businesses situated anywhere in the world.

It was created with the main purpose of assisting these businesses in saving time and money by allowing them to offload tasks they don’t like to do, don’t have time to do, or not sure how to do it. This gives businesses time to focus on the more important things that allow them to grow their business.

Our focus at RME Virtual Assistant Services is saving clients’ as much time as possible by handling various aspects of their daily business operations in a seamless and professional manner. We can manage all aspects of your business administration and website development.

RME Virtual Assistant Services is ready to be dropped into action to assist in growing your business.

RME Virtual Assistant Services have been operating for 5 (five) years.