Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation

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Skills Training and Education & Wellness

Shahista Thokan

072 565 1265


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Last Updated: 09 June 2020

Location: Gauteng

About Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation

Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation is directed by Shahista Thokan, and was founded with the vision and primary focus on community upliftment. As an academic with a variety of qualifications, Shahista has made it a purpose to 'give back' through pro bono work as well as proceed contributions from workshops to the underprivileged. Shahista hosts impactful and informative workshops to upskill and develop individuals with growth tools which they can implement in their businesses and day to day lives. Workshops are tailor made to cater for personal as well as corporate development in areas of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Silver Lining Workshop Facilitation have been operating for 2.5 (two and a half) years and employs 2 (two) people.