Valentines Day

Wikipedia and other results will explain to you the history behind February the 14th and why it is called Valentines Day; stating stories about a saint named Valentine who either married off soldiers (to their loved ones) who were forbidden to marry, or who signed off "from your Valentine" and some other things that seem to have been lost from my mind right now. 

Here is the real reason why I'm writing about Valentines Day - it is my birthday. A day when I grow older and the people in my life get to celebrate the fact that I'm alive.

Although, if we were to go out to a restaurant, it would have to be a day before or a day after, as the restaurants or any place that has any connotation of love and couples, are fully booked. But that's okay because it makes me feel special knowing that I was born on a day that has been set for romance (even though the real reasoning behind it is unclear and may not be romantic) and yes, one should show love every single day but sometimes in our hectic lives, we really do need to set apart a day.

A day when many companies and businesses capitalise on the fact that love can be bought in terms of chocolates, flowers, cards and jewellery. A day when lovers realise that they need to spoil the special ones in their lives. A day when those without a significant other is made to feel a little sad (sorry for mentioning this - but there are people who don't like Valentines Day for this specific reason). A day when it is used for friendship, not just love. Yes, again, emotions and celebrations should not only be reserved for one day, it should be shown throughout, but sometimes we just need a day. That day can make a difference.

This Valentines Day 2016 falls on a Sunday. Enjoy your day with yourself, your family, your children, your pets, your friends, your loved ones - it's just a day, just Enjoy it!

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Happy Valentines Day from the Team I Love ZA (.com) !

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