Create Forever

Diamonds are a very controversial subject - from how they are sourced, to how they control people and governments - but they will always be a girl's best friend.

What if there was a way to still please our female counterparts with these shiny stones but without the blood, sweat, tears and possible lives that were taken just to produce that one diamond?

Well Ross and Cameron, founders of Inception Diamonds have come up with an alternative that will not only reduce the underworld dealings of the diamond trade, but also reduce the price on the finished product.

One would think, "how could this be possible?" But the answer is simple - created diamonds.

These diamonds are created in a lab under regulated conditions and at the end of the process look exactly like any mined diamond.

The product is currently available online at

The official launch is set for early 2017. Keep a look out on our social media platforms for updates.

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