Curb Your Cravings

For quite a while now I have been seeing my sisters on the Twittersphere complain about being unable to control cravings. We have all been there, so have decided that I should compile a post that deals specifically with curbing your cravings. I am no health freak, but I do believe that I eat relatively clean. To be honest, I have been fast food free for about two years, now and I feel great! Skin Care has always been my primary passion as it serves as the base of Melenialskinblog’s content. But I do feel as if skin care and health go hand in hand.

Eating clean is challenge, I will admit. but I feel as if I have had it easier because I don’t necessarily have a sweet tooth and sugar is what most people struggle with. To top it all off, our relationship with food is a psychological one. So, to train your brain, you are going to need some self-discipline. I believe in eating healthy, I don’t believe in diets, I think they are fads and most times very detrimental to our bodies. Unhealthy food is not necessarily bad for you, its just not something you should be eating often, in my opinion. An occasional burger to satisfy the cravings may just do you good.

I remember being in my first year of varsity, I was a few steps away from about 10 fast food joints – it was as if I had died and gone to heaven. after a while, my skin started getting fed up, my metabolism was slowing down and I, too, was feeling lethargic. I made the decision of staying away from fast foods about two years ago and I have never felt better. Now, I am about two years fast-food free and I don’t ever crave it that much. I decided to blog about this to help some people on their health journey by giving out tips based on my experience.


before I list my tips for you, I need you to know that you need to be prepared to chuck laziness out the window. Curbing cravings will require you to be more proactive in your kitchen; planning meals and cooking for yourself.


this is the biggest problem people face, in my opinion. I always say “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. You have been eating chocolate and sweets for as long as you can remember, what makes you think you can let it go overnight? the best way to tackle this is to do it step-by-step. If you eat 250g of chocolate per day, scale it down to 100g a day, then 50g a day. the point is that you will scale it down until you are eating a chocolate once a week, and then once a month!


I always snack after every main meal. If you leave yourself to get too hungry, you will find yourself turning to convenience food – which is usually unhealthy! Find easy snacks that you can make. ProVitas and cream cheese toppings, apple and peanut butter, carrot, steamed veggies.


If you are craving something sweet, rather than opting for a chocolate or piece of candy, spend that money on fruit! Fruits are filled with healthy unrefined sugars which will provide your body with steady energy and nutrition. Candy will give you a sugar rush and you will crash and crave more. A great alternative is also dark chocolate, it contains some healthy antioxidants for your body.


I always think something that comes out of my kitchen is healthier than something coming from a fast-food kitchen. My most favourite store-bought burger is the Chili Cheez Bomb from RocoMamas (seriously, try this). So, I try my hardest to make the burger in my own house, not only am I saving money, but I know exactly what is in it. The more you learn how to make fun foods, the better it is for your pockets.


This has been the best decision I have ever made. I make a list of what I am going to eat and I STICK TO IT! This saves me money and helps me portion size.


Having money at your disposal will lead to you spending unnecessarily.

Buy groceries that you need
Now that you have a weekly meal plan, you know what you need to buy. Make sure that what you are putting in your shopping cart is what you need. refrain from buying junk food and sugary drinks. This will help you discipline yourself, if its out of sight, it is out of mind. Sometimes we crave things because we know we can get it. One day when its midnight and you are craving a piece of cake, you will realise you can’t have it and you will get over it.


Once in a while, give in. Reward yourself with one of your favourite things. I buy my favourite burger once a month as a way of rewarding myself. You will have something to look forward to.


most of the time when we are craving something, our body is trying to tell us that something is missing. Here’s a chart to help you along the way!

So, that’s it from me. I hope that this helps at least one of you. The road will be difficult but when you succeed it will all be worth it. Be sure to look out for my Giveaway in the next coming weeks, I am really excited. More will be explained when the time comes but I promise you, it will be great. Goodluck on your journey towards a healthier more well-rounded lifestyle.

Don’t forget to get down and break a sweat, drink water and cleanse your skin twice a day.

all love 🙂

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