Five reasons why a heated towel rail is just as necessary in summer as in winter

Many consider heated towel rails to be something you purchase in winter or an item that is only necessary during the colder months. On the contrary, a heated towel rail is just as essential during the warmer months, as it is when it’s cold. Bathroom Butler shares five reasons why you should consider using a heated towel rail in the summer season too.

1. Water Savings

There has never been a more significant time for us to be conscious of how we use water. Droughts throughout South Africa in the last year have put a stark focus on water conservation. By using a heated towel rail to dry your towels after every shower or bath, instead of washing them after each use, will significantly reduce your water usage (and bill). Towels dried on a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail only need to be washed every four to six days.

2. Beach and Pool Days

During summer, we tend to use even more towels than in winter, as days are spent at the seaside or swimming in the pool. Forget about increasing the laundry pile and hang your damp towels on a heated towel rail to dry. Damp towels are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, but if you ensure they dry thoroughly after each use microbes will be stopped in their tracks.

3. Energy Savings

Thanks to Bathroom Butler’s Total Digital Control (TDC) timer, you can save up to 75% on energy costs. The state-of-the-art digital control allows users to programme the heated towel rail to run automatically in different modes, according to personal needs, so that it is not running 24/7; however, should you need it that frequently for a particular period, it is 100% safe to leave it on constantly.

4. Choose Your Temperature

First and foremost, heated towel rails are used to dry your damp towels. However, contrary to popular belief, heated towel rails are necessary in winter - as well as summer. With Bathroom Butler’s Personal Temperature Selection switch (PTSelect), you are able to adjust the temperature at which your towels are dried. This means that you are able to adjust the temperature of your heated towel rail to suit your own personal preferences throughout the year. The built-in controller is very discreet and has been specifically developed to allow for ultimate control. This great function allows you to select a higher temperature in winter, and a lower one for the warmer months. The Personal Temperature Selection switch (PTSelect) function also helps you to further reduce your energy consumption – another great feature.

5. There’s Nothing Better Than A Fresh Towel

No matter what time of the year it is, there is nothing better than a dry, fresh towel after a bath or shower. Once you have had the pleasure of using consistently dry towels, you’ll never be able to dry off with a damp one again! Trust us, irrespective of the season, it’s always the right time to purchase a Bathroom Butler heated towel rail.

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