Innovative Staffing Solutions Urgently Seeking for a Solution to Strike Action

Innovative Staffing Solutions says it has made every effort to open dialogue with striking truck drivers and union representatives at Izusa Carriers, to come to an amicable solution to the ongoing strike currently underway.

Innovative Staffing Solutions Urgently Seeking for a Solution to Strike Action
Image Courtesy Innovative Staffing Solutions

Some 100 truck drivers have embarked on strike action on the N4 near Komatipoort in Mpumalanga last night.

“It is our opinion that the strike is, in fact, unprotected, because the real issue in the dispute can be referred to arbitration to be resolved,”

says Arnoux Maré, Managing Director of Innovative Staffing Solutions.

“In terms of the Labour Relations Act if the matter can be resolved through arbitration or the Labour Court, strike action is unlawful.”

Senior representatives from Innovative Staffing Solutions have been on site since last night, trying to start negotiations, however, the Union wasn’t on site and only appeared this morning.

“We have made suggestions to the Union representatives so as to avert the strike, however, they have failed to respond. It appears as if the Union, in fact, does not want to resolve the matter.”

Only one third of the workforce participated in the strike action, with the majority of employees wanting to continue with their duties.

“We have received several SMS messages from both union and non-unions members indicating that they would prefer to return to work, but are being prevented from doing so by union members who are employing intimidation tactics. We are exceedingly concerned with the welfare of our workers and will do everything in our power to ensure their wellbeing. We are now also despatching teams to provide workers with food for the day as the union is dragging its feet in bringing this matter to a close.” 

Innovative Staffing Solutions will continue with efforts to resolve this situation urgently.

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