Looking to save money this Festive Season?

Gone are the days when companies used to give 13th cheques and bonuses at the end of the year. Very few still do, and those who do get them are very lucky. Even though we no longer get this much needed additional income at the end of the year, prices still rise and we still have to find the money to pay for our expenses before thinking of going on holiday or buying anything extra.

Most of us look for something in our budget that we can either skip the payments for the month of December and January, or just cancel the debit order altogether. Being the 'only live for today' InstaCreatures that we are, what will be the first thing that we cancel?... our INSURANCE!

Quite a bold move cancelling the one thing that it is there to help us save money when we need it the most - like a large outlay for repairs if your car is damaged in an accident. Car insurance specifically, over the festive season is needed. Especially with the rise in road accidents, and criminal activity like car-jamming, break-ins, and hijackings. So why do we choose not to have it?

The immediate response to this would be "it's too expensive". Well, that has all changed with a new way of looking at how insurance premiums are calculated, with King Price Insurance.

At King Price Insurance they believe that - "Your car's value is worth less every month, so why shouldn't your premiums be too?" 

That is perfectly true, why should our premiums go up every month, when the value of our car is depreciating?! Decreasing premiums is not all they offer, they also allow you to choose your own excess, so you can adjust it to suit your pocket (the higher the excess, the lower the premium). And since you are going to be part of the Royal Family, you will get treated like royalty too. They will decrease your premium automatically every month, so there will be no more calling your broker or a call centre for something your insurance company should be doing.

But what do they cover?

Like most insurance companies, they have:

- Comprehensive (covers you for accident damage, theft/hi-jacking, or any damage to third parties or their property due to an accident) which is their 5 Star Deal.

- Third Party, Fire and Theft (covers you for theft/hi-jacking, as well as any damage to third parties or their property due to an accident, but not accidental damage for your car)  which is their 4 Star Deal.

- Third Party Only (covers you for any damage to third parties or their property as a result of an accident) which is their 3 Star Deal.

That pretty much covers everything - no pun intended. You also have the option of insuring your gleaming rims, those thumping subwoofers, and any other accessories that you like, as well as car hire for those situations that we don't like to talk about; at an additional cost to your monthly premium (this would need to be specified at inception of the policy for you to be covered).

If you like tech gadgets like myself, are an avid photographer, a keen golfer, or a pro-cyclist; the King has something else to bring to the round table. If you choose the Comprehensive 5 Star Deal cover for your vehicle, you can have your Apple Watch, Nikon Camera, Golf Clubs, your bike, and even your hearing aid insured for an unbelievable amount of just R1 per month!

How long does it take to get covered?

You can be covered within minutes, by either ringing up the castle at 086 000 9872 or leaving your contact details on their website for one of the Royal Team to call you back.

Alternatively you could get a quote online in 3 simple steps:

1. Introduce yourself – Fill in all your personal details

2. Tell the King what he needs to know – Enter all the details about your car, like the type of car you drive, the model, who regular driver is, and if there are any extras that you would like to cover

3. Receive your quote – Lastly click 'calculate', and you will be amazed at what you see. You can also use the online slider to select your preferred excess. If you are happy with the quote, click the 'Call Me' tab at the bottom of your screen to complete the process

If all that is not enough, King Price Insurance also include in your cover; emergency roadside assistance if you run out of petrol, have a flat tyre, or experience a dead battery on a journey anywhere in South Africa. All you need to do is just call their emergency hotline 0860 55 55 23 and they will send a Knight in shining armour to rescue you.

So why are you still reading, click HERE and start saving with King Price Insurance!


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