Nerf Blaster Masters Bootcamp

Have you got what it takes to become a Nerf Blaster Master?



South Africa’s coolest obstacle course challenge is on. The Nerf Blaster Masters Bootcamp, taking place on the 24 & 25 September at Jozi X in Bryanston, Johannesburg, promises to be an epic experience for all Nerf fans.

For anyone not in the know, it’s Nerf of Nothin! With an impressive range of toy blasters, which fire soft foam darts, Nerf encourages active play providing a safe and fun, action-packed adventure both indoors and outdoors.

Nerf Blaster Masters is the ultimate test of your Nerf Blaster skills. Participants will be required to make their way around the course, overcoming challenges, testing their balance, aim and agility while nailing targets on the go with only their Nerf Blaster of choice to support them.

Spaces are limited but everyone who pre-registers on will be given the chance to conquer the obstacle course, which is designed to be completed by teams of three. The team with the fastest time will be crowned the Nerf Blaster Masters of the tournament on both Saturday and Sunday. Participants can enter as a team or as an individual but will then be placed in a team on the day.

Ensure you have prepped for this exciting Nerf adventure by following Nerf South Africa on Facebook or visiting Watch pro skater Jean-marc Johannes and GoPro Ambassador Chris Rogers put their Nerf skills to the test. Pick up some Nerf tricks and tips and create your own Nerf Blaster Master trick shot video; upload your videos and you could be chosen as the Blaster Master of the week. Check out Nerf on YouTube for more great videos and details on the Nerf range to find a blaster that suits your style and personality.

The Nerf Blaster Masters Bootcamp is a free event however pre-registration via the website is essential to participate. The Blaster Masters Bootcamp is open to anyone aged 8 + (however parental consent is required to enter).

You can expect a weekend of fun for the whole family at the Nerf Blaster Masters Bootcamp. With food trucks, refreshments and grand stand seating for all spectators. There will also be activities to keep kids of all ages entertained and most importantly a Nerf pop up shop with the latest Nerf blasters and gear.

Nerf Blaster Master training tips:

Mastering the ‘art of Nerf’ isn't going to happen overnight. It’s going to take some practice to become the next Nerf Blaster Master Champion:

  1. Train in your aim

Get to know your Nerf blaster. Understanding the direction it pulls to and whether it arches higher up or down will fine tune your aiming skills, enabling you to unleash a storm of darts at your target. 

  1. Challenge yourself

It’s all about quick-draw fast firing! Time trials are a great way to determine how quickly you can load, fire and reload your Nerf blaster.

  1. Train

Create your own (non-human) targets and practice aiming and firing every day.

  1. Get moving

Practice your aim, stealth, sniping and shooting while running and try to hit the Nerf targets on the move. It’s all about speed, accuracy and power.

  1. Be fit

Start by eating a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits to ensure you have strength and energy to take on the demands of Bootcamp. Sugar can make you crash and burn within 15 minutes and you’re likely to get a headache – best to avoid eating too much of them. During Blaster Masters Bootcamp, you need to be quick on your feet to outwit the competition so make time to exercise beforehand to get you fit and ready. Running, push-ups, sit-ups and jumping-jacks are ideal exercises to sharpen your senses and loosen up those muscles.

Get to know the key Nerf Blaster ranges:

  • N-Strike Elite Range - can be considered as the ‘performance’ range from Nerf. Almost all of the Blasters have a firing range of up to 75 feet and offer awesome accuracy. The N-Strike Elite range comes in a colour scheme that is predominantly blue, white and orange, so you can easily recognise them amongst the greater Nerf range. 
  • Nerf Modulus Range - is all about customisation. Almost every Blaster has removable Modulus upgrade kits that allow you to build your Blaster to suit your shooting style or mission. So if your targets are far away, you can add a targeting scope and a long-range barrel. There are over 1000 different combinations that you can come up with.
  • Zombie Strike Range - was developed due to the rise in popularity of zombie films, series and fanfare. These Blasters have been designed to be perfect for eliminating any unannounced Zombie intruders, and they are easily recognisable by their bright green and orange paintjobs. They even have their own specific Zombie Strike darts.


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