Laager Rooibos Steamed Bread


720g cake flour

1 Tbsp salt

1 Tbsp sugar

10g dry instant yeast

375ml lukewarm water

65ml oil

2 Laager Rooibos teabags boiled in water and brewed for 5-10mins



Mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Make a well in the centre and pour in the water and oil. Add enough to make a soft (but not sticky) dough.

Mix and knead for 10 minutes. Leave to rise until double its size (for 1 hour).

Knock down, transfer to a greased bowl.

Put the bowl with dough inside a large pot. Add Laager Rooibos tea to the pot, to cover about a 1/3 of the bowl. (No tea/water must get into the actual bowl with the dough).

Cover tightly with lid and steam on the stove at medium heat for an hour.

Add more tea to the pot if needed.

You’ll know it’s done when it gives a hollow sound when tested.

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