Mbali Mapholi’s Traffic Light Slushies

Recipe Credit Mbali Mapholi




Strawberry (Red)

2 Tea4Kidz Strawberry flavoured Rooibos teabags

½ cup Strawberry Juice

2 cups frozen strawberries

1 tablespoon honey

¼ cup Strawberry yogurt


Mango / Peach (Orange)

2 Tea4Kidz Peach and Apricot flavoured Rooibos teabags

½ cup Orange juice

2 cups frozen yellow fruits (mango, peach, pineapple, banana)

1 tablespoon honey


Apple (Green)

2 Tea4Kidz Apple & Berry flavoured Rooibos teabags

½ cup Apple juice

2 cups frozen green fruits / Vegetables (Honeydew Melon, Green apples, Cucumber)

2 Spinach Leaves

1 tablespoon honey

Fresh Mint




• Make each colour up individually.


• Heat the juice in the microwave. Make a very strong tea by steeping the two teabags in the hot juice. Remove teabags and allow tea to cool completely


• Place frozen fruit, honey, and tea in a blender or food processor.


• Blend thoroughly, adding extra water if needed to blend.


• Add the slushies layer by layer to create traffic light.


• Serve immediately.

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