A Car is a Man's Character


Yes everyone says "Men and their cars" indicating that men love their cars and are always interested in the fastest car there is. I often have the idea that Mid Life crisis for a man begins once they are interested in a 2 seated sports car - probably from articles I've read, movies I have seen or just simply from pictures.


What I have not noticed before though, quite stupidly, is that a man gets a car that fits his character - almost all the time anyway. I know of someone who can afford the best and knows it, he loves the fastest of cars and definitely makes use of the speed in his car and often upgrades to a better, faster, more "Showy Offy" kind of car - because it is his personality.

I have a family member who is a wise spender, reliable and a family man and his car shows it.


It seems that whatever type of personality or character a man has, if he can afford it, his car will suit his style. I suppose that should be with everything but it is just more fascinating speaking about this. My ultimate fascination sparked when my husband had a Before and After pick of our car. I knew he liked things a certain way and he was sort of like a trendsetter or a person with good taste but I did not notice his character of "doing things up" until then. When we first met, he had a car that was "done up" no one else had it that way. But I did not notice it until recently when he "did up" our new car. It frustrated him to see it "normal"; a stock standard car, and his eyes lit up when he could finally get the things he wanted done, mind you, he's not yet done with "doing up the car" !


There was a V8 Car Show held in Zwartkop, Centurion last month, a full day from the morning right up until the late afternoon just viewing cars. I bought him and a few family members who I thought would appreciate the car show to see a few days before his birthday but I could not fathom why anyone would have fun just looking at other people drive cars. Anyway, more of that to come.

Here is a picture of the cake I baked for my hubby for his birthday this year : It is meant to be a Sports Car with those Black and White Flags in the Background... but with limited colour gels and an urge to just get it done - ALTHOUGH, I did Draw it Freehand!


- Posted on my previous blog: nabz14.wordpress.com on 24 May 2013

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