Witnessed a Robbery in the car behind us


This morning, we witnessed a robbery in the car behind us - right behind us!


We were at the traffic lights, waiting for the light to turn green.

My husband is always aware of our surroundings and I try to be, but this morning, I was distracted by a guy selling scones on the side of the road, when he looked at me and waved the packet of scones and I made the hand gestures to say that I unfortunately don't have anything.

Then while still looking in his direction as he went to the car to the left of us, I thought to myself *I wish we had money to support him* and I turned to tell my husband to look at the scones, and to tell him my thoughts. As he was about to turn and look in the direction that I was pointing, something in the rear view mirror caught his eye.


The car behind us had stopped and guys came out of it and they went to the car behind them which had a lady and a child inside. The child had gone outside the car and the next thing we knew, the guys from the car behind us, came out of the lady's car and ran into their car and sped off!

Then the lady from that car either went out of her car to check something and then back in, or she was outside of her car all along (probably when her child went outside of the car)  and went back inside her car.

It was all of a sudden, and to be honest, when something like that happens, it actually takes a moment to digest what exactly is transpiring. 

The traffic light turned green and the cars started hooting, so we had to leave. As we were still shaken about something happening right behind us, the thought of it being a hijacking and then realising that it was a robbery (which is equally traumatic) and the worry of it almost being us instead, we informed someone who was able to report it to the police and alert security as it felt like a complete risk to go back to that scene.



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