Your life is not waiting for you to begin. Start Now!

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t start at the time that you wanted to, on the day that you wanted to, or even at the place that you thought you’d be at when you wanted to start…


Your life has already begun.

The time is already ticking on, and the days are moving on.

Before we know it, too much time has passed on and we have not already started.


I love to begin at what “I” feel is the beginning

  • the first of the year / a new year
  • the first of the month
  • a Monday
  • early in the morning, straight after my morning prayer

… So when this doesn’t happen, I feel that I’m a bit unbalanced, especially if I don’t wake up at the time that I would like to.

This “ideal time” is usually hours before my son and sometimes I prefer my husband to be asleep as well :).

I feel that being alone and in the early hours of the morning would help me think better, so when I wake up a bit later than I planned, then I pray, and they happen to wake up at the same time, I actually get quite annoyed and feel like I can’t begin what I wanted to….

This usually makes me feel like I should leave it until tomorrow morning… until the same thing repeats the next morning…


A quote from a movie that I used to like, A Lot Like Love, always rings in my head, yet I don’t practice it.

“…this is your life. Right now. It doesn’t wait for you to get back on your feet…”


Along with many things, this needs to be a conscious decision for you (me), to be aware of how you are living your life and if you are “waiting” for a certain moment that will define your life. A certain time that seems best to start. A place that you feel you need to be at in your life, for your life to begin.

Then you have to consciously remind yourself that even though you woke up a bit later, do those things that you planned to do. Try your best to make it work. Even though it's not at the appointed time that you wanted to do it at, by you attempting it, you have already achieved something.

Pat yourself on the back if you did this... No one else will, but you deserve it. :)

If Monday, and maybe even Tuesday, has passed and now it's Wednesday:

Just Start!

Just Begin! 

If it's the middle of the day, the middle of the week or even the middle of the year -  no time is wasted by starting.


That is your First Step!


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