How to be Grateful

Everything seems to be going well for you. You cannot really complain even though there might be one thing that you would like but overall, life is good. I find that is when people are so good at being grateful that things just keep getting better for them.

Apparently better things happen to you when you are grateful and if you are not, you will continue to be in a slump.

I was told that in order to have something you want or need to be grateful with what you have. In my religion; Islam, it is imperative that we be grateful and the word we should use most often is "Alhamdulillah" which means "All praise is due to Allah (Lord)". Only once we are grateful, we will be blessed with what we want because it shows appreciation for "things" that you would not have received if it were not due to your Lord blessing you with.

But how can you be grateful if you do not have what you need or want? If you are stuck in a position that you hate? If you want to move forward but there just does not seem to be anything going your way ?

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I suggest even though it might feel like you are the victim, that you are the one falling short of all good things; try thinking of people who might have less. How could this possibly be you ask ? All I see is those damn rich people with big houses, awesome cars, families, being happy and them going on holidays. Don’t think about them. Look at someone who has less than you.

If you cannot do that, look at yourself. Can you see? If yes, good for you, you should be thankful that you have sight – even if you might be wearing contacts or glasses. Reach up as if to touch the sky. Can you do that with both arms? Excellent – you have arms and if you can wiggle your fingers then it means that you have those in good working condition as well. If you are living in a country and you are not being bombed or being separated from your parents due to war, that is something to be grateful for. You hate your job ? At least you have a job! There are people out there who cannot seem to find one and therefore cannot make a living because they do not have an income. You are a mom who stays at home and feels like you do not have anything to be grateful for, be grateful you have kids – there are people out there whom cannot. Continue to find things that you take for granted and you should be grateful for.

It may seem difficult. It may seem like a little but look around and start seeing things that you have that other people might not – and there will be other people who will not have that because everyone is different and each one of us are fighting a battle. But we all have something to be grateful for and once we appreciate those things, it will be easier to be happier and then good things will definitely come your way.

Be grateful. Say Alhamdulillah !

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