Movies, Songs, Books and Recipes to Enjoy this Chocolate Day

Do we really need one day to celebrate Chocolate? Who isn't celebrating this awesome man-made (albeit natural) creation every day? 

 Chocolate Fountain

In March 2009, I held a chocolate themed party.... it wasn't my birthday, or any special occasion, it was just for no good reason other than, I love chocolate!
I spent the day with some friends watching Chocolat and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, listening to Sweet Like Chocolate on repeat, and having a chocolate fountain with many things to dip: marshmallows, biscuits, strawberries and even slices of oranges ! (This one was new to me - someone at my party suggested it). 

Chocolate Muffins Chocolate Party Invitation Chocolate Fountain and Marshmallows

With today being World Chocolate Day (sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day), I have some great ways for you to enjoy and salute the wonder of chocolate. But first...

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Chocolate Day: How did it come about ? 

Chocolate Day has been observed since 2009; it is unclear online, as to who came up with this day, but it has been recorded as a day to commemorate the invention of chocolate. "The annual global celebration of chocolate calls for indulging in delightful chocolate treats."

Why today, this date 7 July? 

This date, 7 July, was picked since it was on this date in 1550, that chocolate was first brought to Europe*.

For interest sake, since we are on the African continent: It was noted that the first cacao tree was brought to African tropics by the Portuguese. They were believed to have planted cacao on the island of San Thome (off French Gabon) as far back as 1822.**

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"Chocolate" Movies to Watch:
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 2005 (tried and tested)
Adults: Chocolat 2000 (tried and tested)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 1971
Adults: Down With Love 2003
Matilda 1996
Tom & Jerry: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Adults: Forest Gump 1994


"Chocolate" Books to Read: 
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl originally published 1964
Adults: Chocolat by Joanne Harris 1999
Cocoa by Kristy Leissle 2018
The Book of Chocolate: Revised and Updated Edition by Jeanne Bourin 1996
Celebrate with Chocolate: Totally Over-The-Top Recipes by Marcel Desaulniers 2002

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling originally published in 1952


"Chocolate" Songs to Listen to:
Sweet Like Chocolate by Shanks and Bigfoot 1999
A Chocolate Sundae on a Saturday Night by Doris Day 1947
Chocolate by Tony Kakkar, featuring Riyaz Aly & Avneet Kaur 2020 (not in English...)
Yum Yum (Chocolate) by Scribe the Verbalist 2020
Chocolate by Kiana Ledé 2020 (the Acoustic version is nice)
Kids: Chocolate Song by Little Baby Bum 2020



"Chocolate" Recipes to Make:

Fudge and Chocolate: Chocolate Coconut Fudge by Crazy Little Projects and Glad 

A Chocolate Inspired Drink besides Hot Chocolate: Variations Paris Praliné Indulgence by Nespresso

Chocolate Pudding: Easy Chocolate Pudding Tart

Chocolate Cake: Zola Nene's 5 Minute Mug Cake

Chocolate Brownie: Marshmallow Brownie Cups by Hungry for Halaal

White Chocolate ? If you must...  Almond and Raspberry White Chocolate Bark


So with this, go forth and commemorate the wonder of Chocolate:

Chocolate on its own, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate milkshake, chocolate pancakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate syrups, chocolate ice cream, chocolate truffles... in the different variations: Milk and Dark Chocolate. That's it. White Chocolate doesn't count! (my opinion of course).

For more "Chocolate" Recipes, head over to our Recipes page and if you're not in the mood to do labour, our Food & Beverage page has places where you can get your Chocolate Fix.

* According to
** According to

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