Ennerdale Tornado Emergency Appeal

Tornado Hits Ennerdale South of Johannesburg.
One person has been injured and several houses damaged in Ennerdale after they were struck by a tornado. Areas affected Extension 5, 8 and 9 Ennerdale.

View video of Tornado and damage after captured by Ilze Ferris.

Madressah Ihya Uloom ud Deen humbly appeals to you to generously donate towards helping the families that were struck by this diaster.

Any kind donations such as blankets, clothing etc.

Drop off at Madressah Ihya Uloom Ud Deen - 359 2nd Avenue Mid-Ennerdale.

Bank details:
Account holder: Madressah Ihya Uloom Ud Deen
Bank: ABSA Lenasia
Account no: 4074045915 Lillah 4072219988 Zakaat.
Branch code: 632005
Ref: Ennerdale Tornado
Email: ihyauloomuddeen@webmail.co.za

This story has been updated: Ennerdale Tornado Relief

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