Ennerdale Tornado Relief

Report back on Ennerdale Tornado destruction - site visits were done and in total 57 houses were affected by the damage some of a serious nature.

Community workers from Madressah Ihya Uloom Ud Deen have adopted 4 homes and have started repairing them with a team of 15. The Jamiatul Ulama with Moulana Moosa Leher and members of Masjid Falaah have also come to assist the victims of the Tornado.

There is a humble appeal to anyone who can to please go and assist more families and kindly donate whatever they can.

Any donations in cash or kind is welcome:
Donations such as blankets, clothes, food, cement, roof tiles, timber etc. can be dropped off at the Madressah's premises to be distributed.

Banking details for any donations:
Madressah Ihya Uloom Ud Deen
Acc No: 4074045915 Lillah
4072219988 Zakaat
Bank: Absa-Lenasia
Branch code: 632005
Ref: Ennerdale Tornado

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                                   Ennerdale Tornado Emergency Appeal

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