What's Trending in South Africa right now - August/ September 2017

Nabihah Plaatjes, co-founder of iloveza.com speaks to Maseeha Gangat-Gardee of Salaamedia on what is currently trending in South Africa.

Speaking on radio is not something that comes naturally to me - so please bare with me as I blunder! I'm not particularly fond of the sound of my own voice and I prefer the written form, but lately, I've been trying to take measures to "come out of my shell"


Salaamedia is an online portal for humanitarian journalism and iloveza.com is a business that focusses on uplifting South Africans through advertising their products, services, businesses, events through various platforms - so what better way to collaborate?!

On occasion, I (Nabihah Plaatjes) am featured as a guest on Maseeha Gangat-Gardee's show on Salaamedia to speak about what is trending in South Africa.

In this particular podcast, I speak about my work at ILM SA's 6th Annual Muslimah Today's Conference where iloveza.com was one of the media partners and I was flown down to take-over the social media accounts of ILM SA & Fatima Asmal. My work included doing Live Streams on their Facebook account, Posting stories on their Instagram account as well as posting photos and videos to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts for both the days. If you have an event that you would like us to publicise, please send us an email: hello@iloveza.com and we can work out how to best assist you.

We also help organizations raise awareness for good causes and one of them was Cure SMA, which was mentioned in this podcast. To find out how we can raise awareness for your good cause, please email: hello@iloveza.com

Fashion is always a trendy subject and if you have fashionable items that you would like us to promote on our online store or if you would prefer to advertise them on our website (Business Directory) and social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), please drop us a mail: hello@iloveza.com

One of the services that we offer is reviews of restaurants, accommodations, spa and other lifestyle places/ events. Mochachos Mall of the South was recently reviewed by us and was mentioned in this podcast. To have your establishment reviewed by us, book a date with us via emailing: hello@iloveza.com

Great South African recipes from foodies to Foodbloggers are also featured on iloveza.com like those from Aniseeds who was also mentioned in this podcast. If you would like your recipe/ Foodblog featured on our website, send us an email: hello@iloveza.com

Local talent like SA Softies and Aroma Senses have chosen to reach a wider and global audience with iloveza.com by promoting their products on our Online Store, you can too by contacting us on: hello@iloveza.com

All our products reach an international market as we offer WorldWide Shipping and Any product on our Online Store is delivered FREE throughout South Africa.

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