Peppermint tart recipe by Keenan Blake

1 packet tennis biscuit
1 tin caramel treat
500ml fresh cream
1 flake chocolate
I slab peppermint crisp chocolate, cut into small pieces

Whisk the fresh cream until almost thick, add caramel treat and whisk until its incorporated and thick. Set aside, try to find a rectangle dish, so that the biscuits will fit nicely. Divided the packet of tennis biscuit into two lots, add one lot of biscuits as the first layer. Now add half of the amount of cream mixture on top of that layer of biscuits. Add half of the peppermint chocolate pieces on top of the second layer. Now add the remaining lot of tennis biscuits as the third layer and top that with the last amount of cream mixture as the fourth layer. Sprinkle the remaining peppermint chocolate pieces on top and also crush the flake chocolate, and sprinkle on top too. Refrigerate until set (3 hours or overnight)

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