Informal Recipe Post - Burger Buns

Do you want to know how to make the perfect Burger Buns?
... Me too!


For now, I can tell you how I made these mini burger buns that look cute, taste great - but was made out of pure luck!



The 2 ingredient bread-type recipe trend on the internet is:

Plain Yoghurt
and Flour


So theses are the 2 ingredients that I used to create my mini burger buns.

The ratio should be either:

1 cup flour to 1 cup yoghurt - but it's best to add in yoghurt a little at a time in order to make sure that the dough becomes soft and slightly sticky, but not too wet and not too sticky.

Should I use Double Cream Yoghurt only?

I used normal store brand plain yoghurt and my buns were soft and tasted great... (haha) ... but perhaps it would have risen better if I used Double Cream Plain Yoghurt.

I did add in a bit of baking powder as well.

Top with some sesame seeds before baking.

This can be made in an Air Fryer (20 - 25 minutes on  180 degrees) or a Conventional Oven (25 - 30 minutes on 180 degrees).

*Depending on make and size of ovens.

** Brush the buns with egg / milk before baking - I forgot to do that, but this method usually just gives the buns a browner texture and possibly makes it more crispy.


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